Jahrbuch 2020-21

Posted on February 10, 2021


Just as the year 2020 was a special one due to far-reaching pandemic-related restrictions, so is this book. Conceived and realized as a project by students of the Masterstudio Design together with the graphic designer Benjamin Kniel, the book opens a view into the culture of the Institute. Readers are taken back in time to a period in which three graduating classes presented their work under a wide variety of conditions – from no restrictions in January 2020 to master’s degrees in June 2020 and January 2021 which were significantly influenced by the Corona protection measures.

That time also saw the retirement of the Institute’s founding director Heinz Wagner who played a key role in establishing the Institute as well as the associated Masterstudio Design. Our thanks go to him for his groundbreaking work. At the Institute of Integrative Design, we trust in the strength and will of our master students as well as in the commitment of our teaching and research colleagues. Our goal is the future – our means is design.

The book is largely chron logical. It features students’ works from all four studios of the Masterstudio Design as well as research and projects with partners in the fields of regional development and humanitarian aid. It portrays each student who graduated with us during this wild and uncertain time.

This yearbook is dedicated to them and to their future.

Ralf Michel, Head of Institute a.i.

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