Master-Thesis 24

Posted on June 21, 2021

Creativity has no time of the day.

What actually constitutes our studies, the back and forth between our private environment and the atelier and the university, has been concentrated at home due to the pandemic. Work and private life are now inseparable, not only in our minds. Day and night were the only formative changes. For our Master-Thesis 24 students, the pandemic year was above all day and night.

At the Institute Integrative Design | Masterstudio Design at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, students from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds come together. Their perspectives shape a multifaceted view of the challenges of our time: the need for sustainable action, the influence of digitalisation on our coexistence and the economy, as well as the effects of social transformations are the resonating space of design.

By designing forward-looking products and processes, Master's graduates position themselves in a rapidly changing world. In their Master-Theses, applied research approaches and insights from theory merge with design and technical knowledge.

Download: Publication MT24

Congratulations to our graduates: Carmen Abele, Alexandra Auer, Olga Borda, Joël Djakou, Simon Ertl, Gabriel Köferli & Lars Zinniker, Christoph Meyer, Golo Pauleit, Katja Rüegsegger und Eva-Maria Schmid.

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