Master Thesis 25 - Exhibition

Posted on January 19, 2022

The 25th Master's Thesis is physically presented in the space of the academy from January 28 - February 4th. From the scent of a perfume that connects memories and the future, to an examination of new materials, a respectable spectrum is presented.

The graduates' works communicate their view of a future that often seems uncertain as well as the designers’ personal view of themselves. They speak of doubt as much as of transformative self-assurance in the development of new methods. And last but not least, they speak of hope and of the firm will to change this world for the better as designers.

All those who show their work here have completed most of their studies in the challenging times of the pandemic. Bearing in mind that they were forced to spend many lonely hours at a time when they, like all of us, would probably have preferred to be together. After all, one does not study solely for the sake of acquiring knowledge: One wants to be inspired by so far unknown people, to work together with them, and to discuss and argue together curiously and inquisitively. Lively and bodily.

This thesis is one of the last within the framework of the previous Masterstudio Design. In the course of the restructuring of the entire Basel Academy of Art and Design, this Design Master too will be reorganized. The Studio Integrative Design has transformed to the Studio Experimental Design. It moves closer to the Institute for Experimental Design and Media Cultures. The Fashion Design, Scenography, and Industrial Design Master Studios will become part of the Institute for Contemporary Design Practices. Their content will focus more on the contemporary integration of the digital and aspects of circular sustainability from a design perspective.

Ralf Michel

Head of Masterstudio Design a.i.


Exhibition Design: Simon Husslein mit Mathieu Fischesser

Graphic Design: KnoppKniel