Yearbook 2018-19

Posted on November 21, 2019

What is not Design in today's world?

Current life worlds are characterised by most versatile forms and interpretations of design. We have become the designers of our own life and the life of others. Thus the complexity of the related consequences has also increased. This in particular requires an interdisciplinary orientation of the creative practice. This subject- and culture-related approachment taking into consideration different questions and interests characterises the approach of the Institute of Integrative Design | Masterstudio towards research and teaching.

The predicate «integrative» indicates here a form of artistic-creative approach which defines itself less through differentiation than through synergies between isolated disciplines. The core of the integrative design practice comprises intelligent merging, experimental testing and critical checking. Openness and dialogue in a wide field of knowledge are the humus for new solution approaches changing our cohabitation in a sustainable way.

Heinz Wagner, Director of the Institute

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