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Posted on August 13, 2017

Exhibition at the KMMN Kassel during documenta14

The two installations «Denkende Hände» (Ralf Neubauer with Zeitversiegelung Filmschaffen: Florian Bitterlin, Silvan Rechsteiner) and «-6 hours» (Juan Ferrari with Federico Nipoli) investigate everyday day life processes and interrupt the flow of time in different ways. «Denkende Hände» is a film tribute to people who, in remote alpine valleys and with great knowledge and dedication, break new grounds as carpenter, brewer, butcher, hotelier or ski designer. Six brief film portraits show daily craftsmanship as triptychs and come closest to the poetry of a dense narrative. In «-6 hours», two video screenings and one soundtrack condense into an appropriation of what is new in everyday occurrences. The city for this is Paris, the metropolis of desire, of art, of multicultural life and the contradictions of our time. How does it feel to come as a stranger into a supposedly well-known city? On which paths can a foreign city become mine?

Finally, the Urban Communication Kitchen will make KMMN a shared place. Here, the exhibition makers will cook with relish for artists, designers, and exhibition guests. The plucking, cooking, boiling, frying and serving will take place at a long table.

Curation and project management: Ralf Michel

Coordination: Silvan Rechsteiner

Urban Community Kitchen: Mirko Mertens

  • Exhibition 

August 24 – 27, 2017,  12 – 10 pm 

Bar daily from 5 pm

  • Apéro and coversation about the exhibition

Saturday, August 26, 6 pm

  • Tavolata for Forty 

Saturday, August 26, 7 pm (please register here)

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