Studio Fashion Design

The Master's degree emphasis program Studio Fashion Design is based on the holistic concept of «Doing Fashion». Doing Fashion conceives fashion as a cultural practice that reflects, questions and drives social change.

Studio Fashion Design

Jacqueline Loekito «Popularising genderless clothing in society today»

Stephanie Nina Yoon «Education Sentimentale»

Friederike Traub «Detached»

In cooperation with the Institute of Fashion Design, the studio focuses on forms of implicit knowledge such as the creative experiment, the appropriation of craft- and body-related techniques. In doing so, the normed body in fashion is questioned in order to develop new viewing habits and to make various body-images visible. In a small framework of up to six students, each individual design practice is critically reflected. Under the «Look Therapy» approach, the master's program is about using fashion as a semiotic system and means of communication aiming to use its potential as a forecast for sociocultural phenomena.

Mentored by lecturers of the Masterstudio Design, the Institute of Fashion Design and accompanied by renowned guests and critics, from the second semester onwards the students develop an extended collection concept for their Master-Thesis. Their work will be shown within the international framework of the annual «Graduate Show», a setting which creates high visibility of the graduates and promotes the professional network.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is explicitly encouraged. Thus there is also the opportunity to complete the master's thesis in the collective.

Candidates hold a university or college degree or equivalent qualification in fashion design, textile design, costume design or a related subject area.
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