Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design

The Master's degree emphasis program Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design aims to qualify independent auteur designers to occupy progressive positions in the field of scenography.

Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design

Exhibition: Raphael Höglhammer, Left Over

Art- and Media-Installation: Laura Knüsel, Pink Floyd

Social Scenography: Fritz Strempel & Nicole Müller, Binningen Enlighted

Relevance in the sense of social scenography, the economical appropriateness of the employed means and the use of contemporary production techniques outline the scope of the project work. Leitmotif of the Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design is the sovereign translation of demanding content matters into accessible space-images and the design of orchestrated spaces with narrative qualities. At its best, space itself becomes the medium of dramaturgy.

Students will be introduced into the principles of the Creativ(e) Structur(e) as a navigation tool for complex design processes; case studies with the adoption of scores, storyboards, room-books and dramaturgy in space, encompass the project-based investigations in the first two semesters. Students will also gain insight in to the objectives and peculiarities of scenography and in to its various other formats and tools. In parallel to the development of the critical skills for designing orchestrated spaces, international cooperation projects with the participation of renowned designers in the field will be offered.

The Master-Thesis is developed in the third semester in regular exchange with mentors and professionals. In exceptional cases, an extension to a fourth semester may be requested.

Candidates hold a university or college degree in scenography, interior design, exhibition design or a related subject area.
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