Masterstudio Experimental Design

Masterstudio Experimental Design

Master thesis Robert Zumkeller

Semester project Emily Wren

Master thesis Alexandra Auer

The Masterstudio Experimental Design critically examines contemporary ways of living and aims at designing possible futures. A research-based engagement with current social and environmental challenges such as climate change, social inequality, migration, demographic change, and technological transformations of our live worlds is fundamental to the students' work. We translate a norm-critical, post-disciplinary and post-anthropocentric stance into experimental design practice.

Experimental Design means developing an autonomous, research-driven design practice, which has a direct impact on different areas of social life. A post-disciplinary approach aids in identifying and exploring new fields of design. The program’s tutors, researchers from HyperWerk and the Critical Media Lab, and external experts accompany and inform the students’ practice-led project work.

As a member of the Masterstudio Experimental Design, you will design collective experiments and develop exemplary scenarios, speculative models, and radical proposals for societies and worlds in transition.

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