Masterstudio Fashion Design
Masterstudio Fashion Design

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The advanced degree programme founds on the holistic concept of “Doing Fashion”. Here fashion is understood as a cultural design practice that critically reflects on social change and drives it in a responsible and sustainable manner. “Doing Fashion” means engaging with this practice – in a radically different way, and based on viable vision of design and a conceptual footing in the contemporary fashion scene.

Different forms of implicit knowledge acquired through design experimentation, the acquisition of craft techniques, and bodywork are fundamental to this holistic approach to fashion design. Based on a sound understanding of “knowledge of making” and “embodied knowledge”, it is not only the standard tailor’s bust but the whole person and the perception of each individual body that become the canvas of a design vision.

In small groups of up to six, MA students embed their own fashion practice theoretically. The reflection on artistic procedures and conceptual elaboration constitute a standard part of the MA programme. Under the heading “Look Therapy”, every individual performance is viewed as a complex interplay of see and to be seen.

Renowned “critical friends” and external judges are asked to give a critical feedback concerning the expressiveness and relevance of the students’ design visions. The actually designed products are presented as inspiring “showing moments” at For the graduates, this brings international visibility and a potential extension of their professional network.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is an aspect that is explicitly encouraged in the Studio Fashion Design. Students also get the opportunity to complete their MA thesis as a team, for example, if a group of students wishes to create alternative action spaces in a fashion context together. The offer is aimed at textile and fashion designers who wish to enhance their position in the fashion world and to extend their network internationally.

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