Masterstudio Scenography

Masterstudio Scenography

Result of the Scenography Masterworkshop 2021

Art- and Media-Installation: Laura Knüsel, Pink Floyd

Social Scenography: Fritz Strempel & Nicole Müller, Binningen Enlighted

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In the Masterstudio Scenography, complex, social, political and ecological contents are translated into accessible spatial images and staged spaces with narrative qualities and social relevance are created. The Masterstudio Scenography sees itself as a discursive community and physical infrastructure of collective research for the experimental spatial communication of relevant contents.

Practices of scenographic design in the context of public, semi-public and private spaces are explored in the Masterstudio Scenography and new narrative formats are developed that are positioned between installation, exhibition, performance, stage design, augmented reality and virtual reality, etc.

The pandemic has taught us that exhibitions do not have to be thought of in a museum context and performative formats do not have to refer only to a stage space. The places of social exchange, coexistence, and reflection on social change that need to be shaped are not bound to institutional framings. In this sense, we experiment in the field of Urban, Social and Hybrid Scenography and work in an interdisciplinary way.

The aim of the Masterstudio Scenography is to enable independent and responsible designers to take up progressive positions in the context of scenography. Relevance in the sense of 'Social Scenography', the economical use of resources and the application of contemporary production techniques form the framework of the project-based, explorative work.

In the first two semesters, the Masterstudio Scenography proposes design projects on current issues, on the basis of which the tools of staging, spatial-dramaturgical conception - in particular the scenographic score and the storyboard - are introduced and tested.

In the course of the second semester, students will also begin to work on the individual conception of the topic for their Master's thesis, which concludes the program. The project-based written and practical Master's thesis can be completed in either one (full-time) or two semesters (part-time). The choice of the extended project format - installation, exhibition, performance, stage design, augmented reality and virtual reality, etc. - is left to the students. The choice of mentors depends on the requirements of the project format and its content.

The course is aimed at scenographers, interior designers, architects, stage designers and designers who would like to further develop their skills in the condensation of spatial narrative forms and open up new application skills and fields of action in scenographic design.

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