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The installation 10 11 12 14 17 19 24 is designed as an open archive. It asks questions about the current status of our perception of and our relationship to plants.

A renegotiation of this status and potential space is described by the use of a literally 'green screen' of domesticated indoor plants placed in normalized pots, in the sense of using a (free-standing) green screen.

For we seem to be at a point that challenges our previous conception of the perceptual possibilities of plants, where communication and new differentiated relationships between humans and plants seem to be possible, even if, unlike animals or humans, they are not nerve cells, sensory organs, or brain as a central information-processing body. They seem sensitive and communicatively enabled by their electrical potential and have a kind of 'distributed intelligence' (Greg Gage).

{Greenhouse, screen, webcam, black roll containers, neon lights, various indoor plants, video excerpts by John Nash Ott, couple Hashimoto, Stefano Mancuso}