A New Flow



The influence of Scenography on the perception and narration of public space

#StudioScenography #Master-Thesis

The project investigates the possibilities and the perception of scenographic stagings in the public space during the time of the pandemic. A sensory, emotional and spatial experience in the city of Basel. The aim of the performance is to make people aware of social dynamics during this difficult time.

The audience will be involved in the narration of short stories from the book «Intimations» by Zadie Smith. Topics such as social inequality, body perception and communication are at the centre of the mediation.

About Margherita

Margherita is from Lugano (CH) where she did her BA in Interior Architecture. After an exchange semester at the HGK she decided to come back to Basel for her Master at the Masterstudio.

Final Thoughts:

Integrative design means multidisciplinarity. The Masterstudio fosters this approach by getting students from different cultures and with different skills to collaborate on relevant topics.


Prof. Uwe R. Brückner

, Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design

Ruth Scheel, Heike Dürscheid, Martina Ehleiter

, Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design