Basler Cortege



by Ali Rahman Khan, Arne Molter, Corsin Zarn, Francesca Sanna


In cooperation with the registered non-profit association «Basler Totengeleit» and under the direction of Armin Blasbichler a group of students from the Masterstudio Design developed of a novel funeral cortege service for the city of Basel.

The non-profit association, politically-religiously neutral and independent, was founded by people, which from their experience and from firm conviction aim for a major, reliable, secure and individual alternative to the present form of funeral cortege.


Currently the transport of a deceased person is carried out exclusively by automobile, anonymous and functional. This form contradicts the biography and lived mobility of many people, respectively their surviving dependants in the city. Therefore, a new form of transport of deceased people shall be conceived for the city of Basel. A form of last journey that makes the subject of death publicly visible in a dignified manner.

In the city of Basel the topic of death has its own importance. For centuries, the «Basler Totentanz» represented an idiosyncratic view on the subject of death. With the introduction of the «Basler State Coffin» in 1935, another element added up to the cult of dead in the city. With the proposal for the «Basler Cortege» the association aims for the creation of a unique form of cortege as a cultural asset for the city.


Prof. Armin Blasbichler

, Studio Integrative Design