Citizen Share Workshop III



«E la nave va – And the Ship Sails On» 22.02. – 26.02.2016

What does «Citizen Share» mean with thousands of migrants and refugees in mind, currently coming from Syria to Europe? How do, or will we share space, goods and services with refugees arriving at our borders, who just left all their possessions, personal goods and belongings behind themselves? And what does «share economy» mean, when Peter Sloterdijk in a recent commentary contrasts Angela Merkel's we-can-do-this refugee-politics, stating that we have not learned the praise of boundaries (Wir haben das Lob der Grenze nicht gelernt)? A conception of boundaries that strongly differs our properties from the ones of all the others. 

In the workshop we do not intend to loosen an unresolvable refugee problem in Switzerland or Europe, we neither mean to overrate ourselves as designers nor behave as do-gooders (Gutmenschen) or propose any approaches to problem solving: Starting from Federico Fellinis' «E la nave va» film plot, dated from 1983, we rather intend to translate location and time of the filmmakers' narrative into our present or future and re-build one of the film stories' scenes, that expresses our shared ambiguities in attitude, fears, promises and sensations towards the actual migration incidents. The result of our common effort will end up as a collective public performance of our interpretation of Fellini's plot, built as a stage setting, performed by the students and put in scene with sound, light and speech.

The workshop will be conducted by Prof. Andreas Wenger, architect and co-director of Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design in collaboration with dancer Simone Cavin, film director and media theorist Hansmartin Siegrist, Ph.D. and scenographer and lecturer Prof. Uwe R. Brückner.

Final performance of the interpretation of «E la nave va»

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