Citizen Share Workshop IV



«Sharing Fragments of Daily Life» 09.05. – 13.05.2016

Sharing is a peculiar intervention into an entrenched economic and social system. It affects the way we produce things, the way we use and consume things and also to the way we relate to things. What do you want to share: objects, functions, places, ideas, events, emotions? The market in the sharing economy seems huge. And after all, what would be the benefits to fragment, restructure and reorganize the routines and procedures of so well accustomed daily life? 

Design, from the viewpoint of a problem solving discipline oscillates between objective knowledge and intuitive, purely subjective ideas about possible solutions. What are the rational principles behind it? Is it possible to derive concepts and anticipate their effects logically? How to evaluate solutions? 

«System Design» is a viable approach to such questions. System design considers interconnected and interoperating relationships of components, modules, interfaces and their effects. Certain system types can be distinguished and system phenomena aspects can be figured out as relevant to design practice: i.e. rationality concepts and the limits of argumentation; characteristics of problems, notions of topics; recognition of system patterns and its interconnections, among others.

The workshop led by Martin Meier and Prof. Ralf Trachte Ph.D., aims to provide essential knowledge of System Design thinking and a sense for the behavior of systems. At the same time it encourages the development of an individual, design-based sharing hypothesis in the realms of products, locations, structures, interactions, services, use cases, scenarios or media.

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