#StudioFashionDesign #Master-Thesis

The practice of Marvin Ogger and Golo Pauleit is concerned with decentralised forms of collectivity. Seeking to lever out gravity by imaginary clouds, that remain within the free fall of capitalism. To open a way through the haze of the present, they create situations, installations and objects that are possible grounds for atmospheric perspectives.

In times of high speed, we are living a personalised mass culture, an illusory world in which we are evolving into phantoms of technocratic faith and virtual glamour. It’s so freaking fluffy in here!

Cloudgänger is a growing community of artists committed to actuality. Point of departure is their audio-visual archive which correlates works and builds a network. Beyond the digital platform, Cloudgänger strives to realise mutual exhibitions, concerts and places of pleasure.

The installation Green Nimbus enacts the simultaneity of indulgence and danger, impasse and velocity. As part of a group show at Amsterdam’s former night club De School, the work of Golo Pauleit and Marvin Ogger forms a cloud as a place of transcendental experiences.


Prof. Priska Morger, Wally Salner, Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler

, Studio Fashion Design