Creature Nature Workshop II



«Replicants – A social investigation surrounding the body, fashion and its spaces» 27.11. – 01.12.2017

If we think about how we act and interact as humans within our personal and public spaces, the way we dress, our posture, the social engagements we seek, the places we visit and interact with, the subconscious mind and pre-defined social codes of conduct define a lot of our behavioural patterns. These actions and subconscious decisions are part of who we are and how we want to be perceived.

What would happen if we radically (from the root) change our way of dressing (up), re-learn and re-think our body postures and movements, change the places we frequently visit as part of our daily routines? How would theses changes in our appearance and posture change the way we interact with our natural habitat and challenge our perception of beauty in a post-human context?

«Replicants» is a social investigation, a group-dynamic workshop, a re-search tool on garments, the body, movement and social interactions and behaviours. The goal is to question social systems and codes in a pro-active re-search-attempt - not only from an outside perspective, but rather involving one’s bodies and our perceptions of it. This workshop is a laboratory for opportunities – a critical, yet playful exploration of possibilities in an ecological reality of complex human networks and ecosystems.

We will use video (documentation, interviews, mood-shots) as a tool to capture what happens in a short period of time when we look at our way of making collective decisions regarding the way we dress and reflect upon social and cultural codes of garments, our body movements, posing, gestures and our surroundings.

In this Workshop, you will develop a group dynamic, decide on your collective way of dressing, reflect upon changes in your poses and attitudes, re-search and investigate social behaviours from a fashion/clothing, posing/body perspective, develop and engage in a series of events (interviews, daily operations, changes to the clothes you wear, questionnaires, social engagements and ask questions regarding your personal spaces, authenticity and human interactions.

The workshop is lead by Matthias Waldhart, fashion designer and lecturer of Studio Fashion Design, in collaboration with Kihako Narisawa, physical performing artist, choreographer and visual artist, Bert Houbrechts, curator and photographer, and Linda Dagli Orti, Visual Communication Designer.

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