On the topic of shame and sexuality

#StudioFashionDesign #Master-Thesis

One of the greatest struggles in our lives, is also one of the most invisible. Because in its very nature this struggle functions best when it is hidden and depletes our capacity to spot its symptoms. Yet only few things undermine our society’s mental and physical well being as much: the feeling of shame.

When first observing the notions of shame, Dylan quickly realized that everyone seems to be impacted by it; from our social behavior, to our private behaviors, to our professional behaviors, all the way to our sexual behaviors. A generally optimistic, kumbaya way of approaching the topic would have been to celebrate each other's shame and maybe look for some sort of commonality. However, Dylan felt the need for something more than inauthentic, toxic positivity bullshit. This topic needed a visual manifesto of a queer person being pissed with how the system works, and Dylan was ready to offer it to the world.

Their work holds up a mirror to the reality of queer and fem shame in society and stresses the need to see every human being on this planet as radically imperfect and broken when observed from upclose. Let’s comfort each other for the absurdities and humour of our existence in human form.

With their collection and performance-like videos, Dylan does not hope to offer a solution to one's personal struggles. Instead, they use fashion as a self healing method and invites viewers to reflect on the past, present and maybe even a possible future. This very personal project offers a satirical view of consumerism, objectification and sexualisation, all playing with the driving force of shame.


Wally Salner


Priska Morger


Jörg Wiesel