Design en route Workshop III



Fake spaces

04.03. – 08.03.2019

In the workshop Fake Spaces we will connect the Parameters of the creativ(e) structur(e) (CS) with the creation of optically fascinating but physically impossible spaces. This workshop will be based on the work of Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher (1898– 1972) and featuring FEDORA a short-story of Italo Calvinos «Invisible Cities» (Die Städte und der Wunsch, S. 39 – 40, 1972, Published by Giulio Einaudi Editore).

We will explore impossible objects and experiment with symmetry, infinity and unusual perspectives. You can include objects like the Möbius strip, the Necker cube and the Penrose triangle. By the use of scenographic tools we will create and build spatial images (Raumbilder) and objects that look convincing, yet defy logic. With a keen observation of the world around us combined with our phantasy we will translate Calvino’s «Invisible Cities» into an architecture which connects the abstract with the real world.

The workshop aims by using creativ(e) structur(e) and it’s Parameters to develop an holistic parcours which is fake and yet real at the same time. For an holistic experience include light and sound into this installation. How does the material you are using respond to tangency? What kind of sounds can be created? How can the different use of light and sound effect or maybe even manipulate the perception of the recipient?

We will investigate how shapes, figures and space can be set up to a spatial holistic and content-consistent «Gesamtkunstwerk». The aim is to create and realise a scenography, which is quoting or at least referring to the ideas of impossible objects, to build an accessible spatial installation. At the end of the day we all would like to see your conceptual work being performed on site and shown to the public (vernissage) on 07th March at 5 pm . The installation should be transformed to an accessible, walkable installation staged with light, sound, media-installation and based on a storytelling which features impossible objects, infinity and unusual perspective. The training- and coaching effect aims to translate and transform the space into a scenographic setting, staging (inszenieren) its artistic associative interpretation.

Professor: Uwe R. Brückner

Assistant: Martina Ehleiter

Light expert: Rolf Derrer

Installation artist: Zimoun

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