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# #Master-Thesis

For the further education of teachers at vocational schools, new possibilities for the design of learning environments are elaborated from the perspective of integrated design. These concepts, through their difference, allow new learning experiences and the practice of competencies that will become increasingly important in the future. These include - among others - openness, critical thinking, creativity, and the design-specific ability to develop alternative solutions. In this way, the Master-Thesis makes a practice-relevant contribution to the transfer of knowledge from the methodological context of design to an area in which teaching has so far been largely traditional. The findings will be integrated at a later stage into the pedagogical-didactic concepts of a vocational school at a later date, which - like all other vocational schools - is currently undergoing a transformation process. In addition to digitalization, the learning objectives and learning settings of all professions are being reoriented towards competences.

The open-ended, solution-oriented, experimental and iterative approach makes the design process an explorative and competence-oriented learning path that provides 'condensed' learning. Each step of the process (problem, analysis, synthesis with the definition of the target space, generation of ideas, prototypes and test phase) offers focussed practice opportunities for individual competences. As a whole, fundamental experiences are also important in this process, such as how to work from the goal and that the world can be shaped and one can be effective in it as a shaper.

About Beatrice

Beatrice was born and raised in Switzerland, but has spent a fair amount of years abroad.

She studied Edu­cation, History and Cultural An­thropology. After many years of working in the field of edu­cation, Beatrice came to the Masterstudio to broaden and deepen her skills, in order to approach systemic problems in public contexts.

Final Thought:

The values and the approach of the Masterstudio create a unique spirit among the learning community.


Dr. Ralf Michel, Prof. Heinz Wagner

, Studio Integrative Design

Alexandra Stein

, Senior project leader EHB