Design Process I

The past few years have been all about customer-centered design: how to get into the users’ shoes, approach them and co-create with them the solution they need or that one experiences we need to transmit. To do this process properly, collaboration is essential: to get through our own biases and assumptions, to deal with the complexity of the already existent current offerings and to get to a high-quality result that matches or surpasses the user’s expectations.

Collaboration is even more needed in the way the world is shifting, it is everytime more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (vuca). It’s time to zoom out and think about ecosystemic design. Companies are being built as ecosystems, blurring the lines between the inside and the outside of the organisation, collaboration happens at all levels: inside the organisation, outside of it in relation to the company, between the inside and the outside. The future of the way we will work goes through collective intelligence and relationship building. One of the best examples from a designer point of view is Airbnb.

During this course, the students will walk through the different principles of collaboration experimenting each of them as they work on their own ideas developed while exploring the ecosystemic thinking.