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The aim Friederike Traub's thesis «Detached» is to create a new type of outdoor look, which connects functionality with haptics, textile design and exciting patterns and vice versa to find new solutions for individual pieces of equipment. Therefore, charming details of the history of climbing and mountaineering has been used as inspiration. It should create an aesthetic that harmonizes with the functionality. The solutions which are usually important for the functionality are interpreted in a way that it makes fun to first explore them and later use them in everyday life.

Despite many dangers, traces of early human history can be found in almost every mountain in the world. When it came to survival, scaling the mountains was an option. Mountain farmers drove their cattle to higher, fertile pastures early on. The Incas went exploring for gold at altitudes over 3500m, which they believed was the sweat of the sun, and hunters used the hilly country as a hunting ground. There are many traces in the Himalayas as well, which prove that especially religious followers crossed the highest passes long ago to get from India to Tibet.

With her collection "Detached", Friederike wants to create something that makes the people around her happy and makes us feel that we do not need fast pace and mass - that we can start with just a backpack in which a few selected things fit. The collection is inspired by everything she has learned in many different ways. Only those who trudge for hours through the Utah desert have time to think about the equipment and about what can be improved. This is how ideas came into being, such as the combination of down jacket and sleeping bag. The tent, which also works as a poncho; the jacket, which makes taking a rucksack cover unnecessary, because you can put it on your luggage.

New materials usually have a very smooth surface and are designed so that they do not absorb any dirt and do not conform to the wearer. The result is a garment that has hardly any traces even after long use. There is no patina, no sign of adventure.

Friederike's goal is to create favorite pieces that will grow on us with every stain, every worn out spot, bearing witness of our adventures. We can wear them in everyday life, because they are too cool to bury them in the closet until the next long-distance hike. That's what is needed.


Prof. Priska Morger

, Studio Fashion Design

Julian Zigerli

, Studio Fashion Design