Digital Resilience



Resistance in the information age

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The digital transformation is constantly redefining our interpersonal relationships. It influences our perception and thus also shapes our opinion and conception of the world. In the course of current events, the project Digital Resilience outlines a fictitious scenario after the corona pandemic, in which our everyday life is significantly shaped by technical surveillance and control systems. What consequences could this event have on the democratic freedom of the citizenry in times of digitalization and how does society defend itself against such a threat of total surveillance and control?

About Robert

Robert studied Visual Communication at the HfG Pforzheim (DE). Ever since he was a child, he has been fond of the idea of “being his own boss”. While working as a freelancer, he always tried to connect with inspiring people around him, which led to a range of diverse projects – from videography to painting the entry of a restaurant. Robert loves to do the unconventional. Maybe that's also the reason why he chose to work as a construction worker next to his study. At the Masterstudio he gained a new perspective which helped him steer his projects into a more social and media-critical direction.

Final Thought:

Chances are always high to find someone on the 4th floor (the Masterstudio) who has that particular piece of information you’ve been searching for.


Susanna Hertrich

, Studio Integrative Design

Prof. Dr. Jörg Wiesel

, Institut Ästhetische Praxis und Theorie