Interference of digitality in the analogue world

#StudioIntegrativeDesign #Master-Thesis

By constant and repetitive use of digital devices we lose touch with the manifold traits of materiality in the realm of physical space and the concomitant possibilities of manipulating products and formats. Whole processes disappear because a spatial connection for the transmission of goods and information has gone. Stemming from that consideration, this Master's thesis asks to what extent analogue design can create awareness for digitality.

Inspired by observations the work presents itself as a broad variety of interpretations and formats of people interacting with facets of digitality – including the digiTales and the Abecedarium of digital animals among others. By combining both traits of digitality and humans, peculiarities of language and the-things-with-names we are surrounded with, Jil Wiesner creates a multitude of hybrids. The humorous approach aims to contemplate our contemporary world and creates at platform for critical dialogue.

Digitality is omnipresent - both in the private and the public realm and its level is increasing constantly. This increase notwithstanding, its presence becomes more and more imperceptible, and permeates our daily routines. Devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops are a permanent part of our daily routine. This matter of course results in an unconsciously change of habit, an adaptive use of language and and altered behavior towards our surroundings.


Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler

, Masterstudio Design

Francesca Sanna

, Illustrator and Graphic Designer