Édition Tinnef



# #Master-Thesis

People have always collected. We collect perfume bottles, autographs, miniature cranes and old door wedges. Édition Tinnef gives the phenomenon of private collecting (the «collecting for collecting's sake») a stage. The personal relationship of the collector's personal relationship to his/her collection is staged on a digital platform and made publicly accessible. The work is intended to raise questions about the relationship between people and objects and to shed light on the diversity of motivations for collecting.

The field of research is deliberately limited to everyday collections, which are not created for economic reasons, but out of a desire to collect. The platform is also dedicated to the silent experts behind these diverse collections.

The presentation of the individual collections is intended to focus on the collector's point of view in order to explore the fascination within their field of collection in a practical work with their cooperation. Through the examination and translation into the Digital Space, possibilities, but also limits, which the digital experience brings with it, are to be examined and tested.

In the future, Édition Tinnef will create a digital repository that can also be used as a research tool to understand socio-cultural and aesthetic values through everyday collections.


Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler

, Studio Fashion Design

Dr. Ralf Michel

, Studio Integrative Design