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A new equestrian æsthetic

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The task that Kerstin Nemeth set herself for her master's thesis is to create a new design for equestrian clothing and riding equipment that focuses on the horse and its physique, rather than being a comfortable solution for humans.

"Is it possible, through the analysis of equestrian history since the 19th century, to conceive a new design as an expression of the aesthetics of riding that draws attention to the harmonious connection between man and animal? And could one develop a new connection between the aesthetic and functional qualities of riding apparel?"

An example of her work is the design prototype of a saddle, which is no longer tied to the horse with a girth, but which the rider can wear himself - thus the animal is less burdened because the heart and the lungs are not constricted by a saddle and a belt anymore.

A second example is the halter made of special rope; The strength of the rope makes it possible to exert force, yet it stays soft and does not cause unpleasant pressure, such as the classic bridle.

The goal is to create a connection between rider and horse on an aesthetic and functional level. The clothes and accessories needed by the rider to maintain a communication with the horse during riding will be the principles upon which she built her collection.

Fashion design plays an immensely important role in the work, as Kerstin wants to create a different view and a new mentality of equitation.

She takes every opportunity to create a design that takes the horse into account, is aesthetic and functional, puts people and animals on the same level and forms the basis for good cooperation.

Connection, function, aesthetics, and harmony are the keywords for her project, on which she builds the whole collection.


Prof. Priska Morger

, Studio Fashion Design

Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler

, Masterstudio Design