From Ubicomp to the Poopocalypse: Inside the Internet of Things



Talk by Chris Hand


When? 03.05., 18:00

Where? Studio Kino D0.01

The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) refers to an ecosystem of everyday objects becoming «smart» and communicating with each other so that they can somehow do their job better. How users interact with these smart objects can make daily life increasingly complex, while issues such as trust, autonomy and responsibility pose new challenges for the IoT product designer.

In this talk we will critically explore how the ideas behind how IoT evolved, stopping to look at some of the interesting concepts that were lost along the way. Looking at the present day, we will consider how everyday IoT solutions can fail, with potentially disastrous consequences. Finally, we will explore how future IoT design might overlap with designing for interaction with non-humans, including animals.

Chris Hand is a creative technologist, interaction designer and lecturer, specialising in IoT, physical computing, and prototyping for speculative design. As well as working with studios such as Dunne & Raby, Superflux, and Intel’s People and Practices Research Lab, Chris has served as visiting tutor at the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art (Scotland), Royal College of Art (London), National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad, India), University of Split (Croatia), and as a visiting researcher at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design in Denmark.

For the last 11 years Chris has worked across the Asia-Pacific region, most recently teaching IoT and interaction design in Hangzhou, China. He holds an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art (London) and a BSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Manchester, UK.