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Our modes of becoming and belonging receive ever more attention. For some periods of our lives we either live in different countries and continents, some of us are raised by parents with different cultural backgrounds, or we discover unknown aspects of our cultural heritage.

Others again adopt a range of attitudes, beliefs or practices through human and non-human encounters: we are constantly shapeshifting and morphing our identities between cultures. Chioma Blaser is inspired by the notion of referencing places, objects, experiences, emotions and people who are symbols of home to her.

“Homecoming” is poised to take on a polysemic nature towards creating understanding amongst audiences by gathering and weaving diverse narratives into each other. The aim is to contextualise the importance of cultural heritage while embracing culture as a fluid experience. Here, she references the African practice of ubuntu as universally and globally relevant. Attributes of homecoming as a rediscovery of senses of belonging are intertwined with the philosophy of ubuntu. This means "becoming" in relation to others: celebrating the uniqueness and similarities of different cultures collectively – individuality as togetherness. Engaging with ideas concerning intergration, unity, identity, mobility and universality are very important to her as a designer. Her work approaches design from a historical, spiritual and postanthropocene perspective and is aimed at not only engaging on a visual and intellectual level but to encourage emotional and sensory communications as well as interaction and participation.


Priska Morger

, Studio Fashion Design

Julian Zigerli

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