Horror Generator



#StudioScenography #Master-Thesis

We live in a compound with a global data network. The digital has become part of humanity. But what happens when it becomes independent? Singularity is coming. People become dumbed down. The ideal cat video is already there before we even feel our bad mood brewing.

Oliver's project takes the predictive mechanism of the data-based algorithms of social networks and integrates it into a scenographic design of a box. No internet and no digital device can provide access to the world inside. The newly created parallel world is called: Horror Generator.

People enter the generator and the world inside. The construction is reminiscent of brutalism, of a mixture of cyborg and free church. The human being appearing small next to it. An interface is located in a large skull in the middle of the box, which wears a neck brace like a juggler. Visitors have to answer questions in quick succession, so the underlying AI learns chains of associations. The AI grows, constantly changes its behaviour, adapts to the visitors. A bubble is created, holding a copy of the world. A new branch of our reality.


Andreas Wenger


Ruth Scheel


Martina Ehleiter