I am not there



The challenges in implementing 3D Design in fashion practice – a prospective study with knitwear

# #Master-Thesis

«I am not there» explores the implementation of 3D tools in the fashion sampling flow as a possible avenue and thus proposes the possibility of a sustainable supply chain. The project focuses on knitwear and its inherent technological peculiarities as a source material. In the constant alternation of analogue and digital prototyping, an independent collection is created. In addition, the challenges of integrating digital technology in textile and fashion design are systematically examined in the process.

Focusing on crucial parts of the workflow, like the creation of rendered textiles and the collaboration with a producer, this work is structured around a set of practical experiments. This work illustrates - in juxtaposition with the traditional sampling process - the foreseen and previously unforeseen challenges in implementing 3D design in fashion; concluding that there are still several stumbling blocks on the way to full scalability.

About Annika

Annika has a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from the UdK Berlin. After her study she worked for various international brands as a knit­ wear designer. She chose to continue at the Masterstudio Design since she wanted to explore the potential of 3D De­sign in fashion without being restrained by commercial requirements. Besides her stu­dies Annika dedicates a lot of time to ceramics and runs a small ceramics studio into Basel.

Final Thought:

Integrative Design offers the freedom to explore.


Prof. Dr. Sabine Fischer

, Studio Integrative Design

Jana Patz

, weißensee kunsthochschule berlin