At the crossroads of tradition and innovation



The ancient Amazigh culture and the Berlin start-up Limala

# #Master-Thesis

Dschafar El Kassem uses cinematic ressources to explore the tension between innovation and tradition in a contemporary context: the use of traditional techniques as a basis for new value-creation contexts using the example of an intercultural collaboration. The Berlin start-up 'Limala' (Arabic: Why not?) sells Amazigh carpets via Instagram. At first glance, the process seems conservative and one-dimensional. Ancient tradition in the form of craftsmanship is sold and finds a new owner. The documentary sheds light on the multi-layered effects of integrative design among stakeholders and addresses aspects of design-driven innovation as well as the semantic effects of such processes.

About Dschafar

Since 2005, Dschafar El Kassem has been working as a freelance director, producer and cinematographer, and since 2012 as the managing director of his production company JAFURA. His focus is on the production of commercials and documentaries.


Dr. Ralf Michel

, Studio Integrative Design

Corinna Rauer

, Ethnologist