In Code Workshop III



«Smart Contracts – Smart Design» 20.02. – 24.02.2017

The workshop will be built around the concept of blockchain, an emergent and disruptive technology based on decentralized networks and smart contracts; a technology with a huge potential to entirely reshape the ways of how we work, interact and operate. 

Blockchain is the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ether. But the possibilities of its application go far beyond currencies. It can be applied to basically any situation and transaction that is based on the exchange of values that usually require intermediaries (we trust) such as banks, energy providers, insurance companies, copyright enforcement companies, notaries, and many more.

The workshop explores the concept and ideas behind blockchain, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. We want to take a more specific approach and aim to look at the underlying technology from a design perspective and elaborate why it will become relevant for a designer. We will apply the knowledge and learnings to develop new business models based on blockchain. More specifically the focus will be set on models and examples that have the potential to create social impact in various fields. We believe that we could make better use of the most innovative technologies to provide solutions for the many pressing social problems that we face globally. While you will learn more about the promises and principles of blockchain, the aim is to apply these learnings on concrete cases in the realm of social organizations.

Led by Leonhard Nima and Jonathan Moore from Berlin-based N3XTCODER, Nicolas Gotchac from London-based Ethcore and waith a guest appearance from representatives from the UN World Food Programme the workshop will encompass 3 major themes:

  • Concept: Understanding the principles of blockchain and decentralized smart contracts and why it will become relevant for a designer
  • Application: Understanding how current blockchain-based applications work and examples from the field 
  • Future Models: Developing and designing models with social impact based on blockchain technology and smart contracts

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