What does an algorithm understand about the images we upload on social media?

#StudioExperimentalDesign #Master-Thesis

The work «Latent_presences» searches for a way to understand processes in our digital world through one's own body and to make the space between real and artificially generated realities tangible. Through series of experiments with body postures of a digital counterpart, the creative ambivalence between digital profiles and the physical «I» is shown by an AI compressing these images to essential features and a human being physically recreating them. The work makes us aware that certain human aspects will never be found in a binary system, let alone be physically empathized.

About Helge

Before studying at the Masterstudio, Helge was busy trying to find himself and neither satisfied with his work nor with his training as a boat builder. Now that he graduated he is looking forward to the next challenge: dealing with boredom.

Final Thought:

Integrative Design means recognizing the elephant in the giant snake.


Susanna Hertrich

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