Intuitive haptic telemanipulator for a robotic endoscope

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The master's thesis project is part of the flagship reserach project MIRACLE (Minimal Invasive Robot Assisted Computerguided LaserosteotomE) of the Department of Biomedical Engineering (DBE) at the University of Basel. The aim of the project is to combine three cutting-edge technologies: robotic surgery, laser osteotomy and minimal invasive surgery.

This setting allowed Patrick Salz to envision the ergonomic handle for the lambda.6 telemanipulator that allows to intuitively control the tip of a robotic endoscope. This handle is a key element of the user interface of the robotic system.

The thesis focused on the development of suitable designs for the shape of such a handle. An array of different prototypes have been produced by using 3D printing technology and have been systematically evaluated with respect to comfort, irritation and effort among other criteria.

In a next step, assistant surgeons from the University Hospital Basel will try out the different developed handles on the lambda.6 telemanipulator. They will rate them according to the accessibility of the workspace and accuracy of positioning quantitatively and for ergonomic movements and intuitive form qualitatively. The outcome will influence the final handle design.

Robotic surgery is often performed with a teleoperated system where the surgeon remotely controls the operating robot. For a good controlling for the surgeon, a telemanipulator is needed. A telemanipulator measures the movements of the surgeon and forward them further to the robot. In case of the MIRACLE project, the lambda.6 telemanipulator from Force Dimension (Nyon, Waadt, Switzerland) is used.

lambda.6 Telemanipulator - Test according to the accessibility of the workspace and accuracy of positioning


Prof. Werner Baumhakl

, Studio Industrial Design

Nicole Schneider, Prof. Ralf Trachte, Alfredo Häberli

, Studio Industrial Design

Esther Zoller

, Departement of Biomedical Engineering, University of Basel​​