OLED Design Lab



by Institut Integrative Gestaltung

The Institute of Integrative Design run the OLED Design Lab together with Philips AG Lighting Schweiz, iart ag and Inventron, the design firm Studio Hannes Wettstein and the Museum of Applied Arts and Design in Winterthur. The Basel based design researchers realized basic experiments alongside to the product- and interaction potential of OLED lighting. 

Supported by the Swiss Commision of Technology and Innovation the team researched on new interaction opportunities for the design and the use of lighting systems and lighting installations as well as new principles of interacting with light sources. The lighting prototypes and installations were developed on the patented engineering plattform flokk
For more information please get in contact with the project leader Ralf Michel.

Exhibition «OLED – Light of the future?» at the Museum of Applied Arts and Design (Gewerbemuseum) in Winterthur

GRID 64 / GRID 16

Developed by Corsin Zarn, the light installation GRID 64 recovers data from the recording of the movements of passers-by through a video camera or interprets data from the Internet, which in turn is reinterpreted by an algorithm into a lighting design.
Based on the GRID principle the designer also developed smaller floor and suspension lamps on which the number and position of the double-sided luminous OLED modules can be easily rearranged without any tools.

Design: Corsin Zarn | Interaction Design: Juan Ferrari, iart ag | Engineering: iart ag | Info: flokk.ch


The control of CIRRUS 16 is specifically geared to the interactive application with OLED. The wall lamp can be selectively interpreted on the basis of Internet data, the measurement of motion, proximity and distance, and sound data. Despite the apparent «movements» of light, an algorithm maintains the degree of illuminance in the room at a constant level. A proximity sensor allows direct interaction with the light. The CIRRUS elements may be implemented as a configurable large-area wall or ceiling installation.

«CIRRUS 64» Design: Corsin Zarn | Interaction Design: Juan Ferrari, iart ag | Engineering: iart ag, flokk.ch


SATELLITE is a lamp that actuates independently OLED modules and emits both direct light downwards and indirect light upwards. As a pendant luminaire the lamp is able to illuminate adequately a variety of situations in living and working environments. SATELLITE is controlled by hand gestures or through an app.


The OLED lighting system OPALES uses the peculiarity of the flat light and joins the modules for general illumination purposes in indoor spaces. Depending on the application area, the OPALES lamps consist of OLED modules that can emit light only downwards or modules that independently emit light upwards and downwards. Based on the flokk platform the OPALES elements are equipped with a control unit that uses different inputs to regulate the quality of light.

Gulliver's Eye

The table lamp Gulliver's Eye clampes the OLED module in a glass sphere. The sphere itself is sitting on a flat stone base, which reflects the light. With a simple move Gulliver's Eye can be rotated and the light can be redirected. Switching the lamp on and off as well as dimming the light, can be done by simply touching the stone base with a stroke of finger or the palm of the hand.


TABLET focuses on the combination of different spatial elements with OLED light sources. The tablets, with an integrated light source and control unit, can be plugged into the wall and adjusted to different orientation and position. The surfaces of the walls are cladded with either wood or felt.


The LOTUS lamps integrate the OLED light source and the control unit in the thinnest possible materials. In the reduced form, luminous, reflective and masking surfaces work in combination with different materials. The many possible positions encourage the user to playfully interact with the various light effects. The LOTUS base module can be used as a desk-, wall- and floor lamp as well as and a pendant luminaire. Combined with a solar panel it is utilizable also in outdoor environments.