Out of Control



When Light is Talking

#StudioIntegrativeDesign #Master-Thesis

Regarding the design potential of OLED light sources the exemplary questions were how dynamic and interactive manipulated lighting can be applied, how the spatial experience can be altered and which role the user takes in certain scenarios.

Designing light dynamically - via a sensual and interactive experience which lets the user transform different atmospheric settings and underline the integral experience of light as a medium - was Corsin Zarns' comprehensive demand on developing «satellite», an interactive lamp that redefines the relationship between user and object. By creating a fully functional prototype, the value of a first hand experience in the novel handling of lighting situations is demonstrated.

«Satellite»: combines the suspendes lumiaire's archetype with high-tech. Light from OLED sources is managed and manipulated with gestures and algorithms. The GUI of the special tailored app shows the pulsing lighting planes corresponding with the actual position and phase of the earths original satellite, the moon.

By variating between differentiated light planes that either emit upwards or downwards, lighting moods can be triggered. The illustration of the incentive - using light to immediately create spatial atmospheres, be it smooth and pulsing, or bright and clear, diffuse or concentrated - is the prerequisite for any possible user to imagine interaction with the object.

Therefore, «satellite» uses different sensors, that react on touch, proximity and gestures; these sensors being the outcome of the collaboration with iart in the context of the research project Transformative Räume und Objekte (for more information about the results visit the project's platform: «flokk»).

Additionally, the custom app running on smartphones and tablets functions as a control interface, allowing for an individual and immediate configuration of lighting atmospheres.


Valentin Spiess

, CEO iart

Dr. Ralf Michel

, Masterstudio Design