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Strategien zur Verlängerung der Nutzungsdauer alltäglicher Produkte

#StudioIndustrialDesign #Master-Thesis

Our everyday consumption practices demand a fundamental change. Product design has a major impact on our consumer behaviour: it generates lifestyle and creates material desires. That is why designers bear a great responsibility.

In his work, Christoph Meyer asks the question why users part with products and he tries to find comprehensive answers through literature research and interviews. On this basis, he develops and collects strategies on how designers can extend the useful life of everyday products.


Prof. Werner Baumhakl, Nicole Schneider

, Studio Industrial Design

Prof. Dr. Ralf Trachte, Meret Ernst, Alfredo Häberli

, Studio Industrial Design

Prof. Matthias Held

, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd