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In her master thesis, Rebecca Ammann is engaged with the general and ubiquitous appearance of today's male - an impervious unimaginative pabulum of leisure wear and ill-fitting business suits. Sense for delicate mannerliness and charm gave way in an era of anti-æsthetics, resulting in a most unattractive look, far away from any elegance.

Rebecca Amann wants to bring back the suit in the wardrobe of the young, the cool and wild. Why should only the groom-to-be, the politician and the funeral attendee be in need of a suit? Wouldn't one be happy to see young hotheads in tailored suits on the streets again, akin to the Beatles in their heyday, instead of today's stroppy conglomerate of run-of-the-mill apparel?

The Frock Coat, Keir Hardie's Lounge Suit and the Duke of Windsor meet vintage 60s pop culture and generate ten looks, dominated by the concept of the suit.

She operates with the classics, like checkered fabric, Houndstooth and the pinstripe, transformed through interpretation and adulteration.

In every Silhouette, construction is linked to disintegration. Rebecca Ammann operates with a balanced asymmetry, avoiding any notion of ridiculousness or gone to racks. Nonchalance and elegance are defining components and are embodied in the work. The initial reaction shouldn't be "what a well-dressed person", but rather "what an effortless elegance".

"I think a bit more elegance, subtlety and sophistication wouldn't do any harm to our society; The suit evokes a certain posture - which, in turn, rubs off on our manners; being respectfully and chivalrous at the same time"

By a respectable manner of dressing, using exactly the formal component of the suit knowingly in daily, informal situations, one shows a certain measure of control, composure and discipline; Even more: one shows the ability of mastering life's hurdles and seeing oneself as masters of one's own fate. All according the the Mod's motto: Rough times, smart clothes.


Prof. Priska Morger

, Studio Fashion Design

Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler

, Masterstudio Design

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, Studio Fashion Design