Radical Certainty



#StudioExperimentalDesign #Master-Thesis

The data market claims human experiences as an exploitable raw material. Algorithms calculate an accurate profile of who we are and predict who we will become. The prediction economy has interfered with our lives far beyond the digital. Striving for full certainty the aim is no longer to only predict but to control our behaviour.

Alexandra Auer examines in her master-thesis the mechanisms behind the prediction economy and presents measures to reimpose democratic mechanisms.

With an increasing amount of digital resources and a steadily growing user base, big internet companies are becoming a serious threat to self-authorship and the sovereignty of governments. Personal life, economic processes and infrastructures are depended on the offered services; a development which cannot be undone.

As the growing power in the hands of the internet companies is becoming a political reality, with the most prominent example of the US Presidential election 2016, the question arises how we can make our voices heard and defend ourselves against their increasing power?

In democratic states, the right to demonstrate is guaranteed. Demonstrating is an essential instrument to establish a direct publicity between citizen and politics. With this instrument missing in the reign of internet companies, individuals have no means to hold internet companies accountable.

The thesis Radical Certainty aims to improve users’ literacy and understanding of the prediction economy. To advocate for privacy, authorship and protection a platform has been created, which fosters protest in the digital and physical sphere. Through generative art, the digital protest is doubled into the material world and therefore into the political discourse: holding the prediction economy accountable in the place where it all started – a garage.


Dr. Ralf Michel

, Studio Integrative Design

Guillaume Massol

, Designer