Replacing the «New Normal» Workshop III

«Now that I've replaced my grandma's china with the newest Moltenware® Petunia-100, I no longer worry about storing piles of plates and cleaning greasy forks. And since I only need to wash plastic shreds, I was able to get rid of my old dishwasher too!» ~ Germaine B., 56, Rossemaison

«Replacing the New Normal Workshop III» will invite the students of Academy of Art & Design FHNW Basel to pioneer and critique the industrial revolution that was promised, but is yet to happen: that of an all-3D-printed world. Forget the phone cases, the whistles, and the go-pro mounts, this will be a future where each and every common mass-produced good will be made of data molten into synthetic artefacts: running shoes, reading glasses, egg slicers, toilet seats, scooters, yurts, wedding rings, electric toothbrushes, drill bits, edible underwear, nail clippers…

While the task of creating a «printer» may appear straightforward at first, it comes with the hope of engaging with systemic changes, even at a macroscopic scale. If we indeed replace our current industrial ways, what lies ahead? Under the facade of solutionism lie problems—infrastructural, social, and political ones.

Can a simple at-home factory solve them?

What if a large fast-food brand first introduced 3D-printing to people's homes? What if it were in the hands of a global furniture manufacturer? This quest will be a seemingly simple one: design a consumer-grade 3D printer that is totally going to conquer our consumerist inclinations and explore its numerous implications.

The Printed Daily will serve as a basis for speculative, yet realistic explorations, during which students will have to truly gauge the plausibility of their «creating creations» and identify tradeoffs that will shape their designs. In turn, all projects will be agglutinated into a single made-up world; one that will be observed, discussed, and finally narrated through short stories.


N O R M A L S is a collection of works lying right at the intersection of design and fiction. Sometimes visual, sometimes literary, video-based, musical, prototypical and functional, each element here is a gateway to a single universe — an anticipated future. Desirable to some, distressing to others, the society at its core runs on dreams of ubiquitous 3D printing and some algorithmic superstitions. Take some time to visit. Come back once in a while. You’ll see imaginary artefacts and their imaginary users become hyperlinked by a story.