Replacing the «New Normal» Workshop IV

In this workshop, we want to explore visions of urban coexistence in post-pandemic times. It is meant to be an exploration of urban HIDDEN SPACES, by the use of the art of flâneuring. Embark on a search for subtle traces in urban spaces and decipher the sounds and stories of hidden places, which are predestined as sites of performance, start a dialogue with the place, which also seems to bear secrets worthwhile to make them sound and extract the potential for change in perception. Detect the traces and their stories behind, excavate the secrets from the patina of their past, record the sounds of the environment, the dust, the scent of the plants and read the former role of the sites. Translate the findings into a new, surprising venue of audio performance.

Imagine future aggregate states and scenarios of these places and develop, create, compose an audio walk in which future scenarios can be experienced through the combination of sounds, voices, music, sound-images to trigger or provoke the imagination of the audience and contextualise them with the astound transformed place. As a text basis for your audio walk, we suggest Peter Handke's Song of Childhood. However, you can also choose other texts based on your chosen locations. Let your (audio) walk sound – (re) compose your interpretation the «New Normal» or the «New Un-normal». Don´t believe in how it was – nothing stays as it comes.

RECYCLED ILLUSIONS is a theatre collective that specialises in plays - especially in the form of audio walks.

The workshop is lead by Prof. Uwe R. Brückner, scenographer and lecturer of Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design, in collaboration with scenographer Martina Ehleiter, actress and guest lecturer Isabelle Stoffel and sound expert Ramon de Marco.