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Roger Zimmermann’s Master-Thesis is dedicated to material development in product design with a focus on natural materials.

Everything revolves around beer, or rather a waste that is produced during beer production (brewer grains). The global production of the oldest beverage in the world in large and small breweries offers opportunities to process the «waste» in a decentralized manner. The properties of the natural material have been evaluated experimentally and examined in design processes with regard to their physical functions. The Master-Thesis exemplifies how a creative-research approach can create the basis for innovation and, in this case, is a contribution to sustainable development.

About Roger

Roger studied Industrial Design at the HGK in Basel and continued immediately with his master's degree at the Masterstudio, Studio Industrial Design. For Roger, sustainability is not only the focus in the design process, but also in his everyday life.

Final Thought:

In times like these, we have to take care of our environment more than ever! I‘m lucky to be able to work on such an important topic in my thesis.


Prof. Werner Baumhakl, Nicole Schneider

, Studio Industrial Design

Prof. Dr. Ralf Trachte, Meret Ernst, Alfredo Häberli

, Studio Industrial Design