#StudioIntegrativeDesign #Master-Thesis

«SEI – Awearness» is inspired by the correlation of humans – as natural beings formed by culture – with their surrounding nature, which stands for life itself. In turn, life is growth, which is embedded in a circle of formation and obliteration.

The idea of incorporating this very circle into the existence of a seemingly dead or inanimate object is the main point in the execution of the different project phases of Annette Kres' thesis. Her undertaking as a fashion designer - harvesting raw materials from biological growth processes - results in a prototypical collection.

In this collection, part natural, partly artificial fabrics are being combined, to underline the advantages of both material worlds and, additionally, to hold a pledge for a new way of using resources. By translating processes of biological growth and tracking animal movements - using them as a designer’s tool - coloration, material functions and graphic patterns are combined and form a sharp contrast towards the highly controlled fabrication of hi-tech materials.

As a final result of the extensive research on material and the many experiments conducted, the collection of items is geared toward representing a new, contemporary look, a sporty and sensual aesthetic, dismissing the traditional „eco-chic“. With this work, the author builds the foundation for her to further explore the possibilities of fashion in the context of a sustainable economy.


Christoph Fröhlich

, Teamhead lifestyle design bei PUMA

Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler

, Masterstudio Design