Sobreposição 12.



by Juan Ferrari, Julie Berdou, Marianna Xynia


«Sobreposição 12.» is a media installation at the Casa da Suiça in Rio de Janeiro. The collaborative project with swissnex Brazil, explores the peculiarities of cultural exchange and discourse between Swiss and Brazilians through language.

12 people who emigrated at some point from one country to the other, and are confronted on a video conversation to someone who did the opposite emigration. The topic of the conversation they had is free, with the only demand that they alternate between languages.

With the aim of creating a unique «Hörbild» for every one of the participants we show a visualization of the soundscape of their voices, focusing on the way the different languages affect their sound. A specially developed algorithm acquires the unique acoustic qualities of Português Brasileiro, Schwyzerdütch, Français Suisse and Svizzero Italiano, bringing forward the phonological individualism of each person language and accent spoken.


Prof. Armin Blasbichler

, Studio Integrative Design