Sons of Paddė



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Paddé is a fictional place, its model of society loosely based on ancient Cretan cultures that existed 5'000 years ago. The equality of women and men in the minoic culture was the foundation for the development of Paddé's imaginary world, where its inhabitants are committed to an equilibrium of man and nature.

In his Master's thesis - the collection «Sons of Paddė» -  Martin Jascur glances, in an very innocent way, at the human body and at western fashion and its underlying rules. By doing so, the results of the thesis is not only a fashion collection but an essay in focusing on alternative futures - asking how an innocent peek can be trained that differs from our contemporary vision of the naked body. The closeness of fashion to society and culture implies a possibility to identify and change a sense of belonging - even create a new definition for our society.

Martin Jascur doesn't use nakedness solely for exposure but looks at the body anew and illustrates his private discovery of fashion. Creating a new creative language, which not only liberalizes nakedness and taboos but sensitizes.

The motivation stems from a close involvement in a new interpretation of male fashion, that tries to see the body first and foremost as a playing field of possibilities, not as male or female. The most important aspect is analyzing the neutral body and identifying the appropriate way to apply layers of materials - cloth, leather or plastics. The body's curvature and bulging have, irrespective of sex, fixed anchor points that signify ideal preconditions to develop an innovative fashion language based on a discreet understanding of gender. Nudity is just an additional surface and the limbs are deployed as just hangers. The work process aims for reduction and leaves parts of the body exposed where textiles can be replaced with exposed skin.

As unconventional streetwear, simple and airy, the collection is being worn for leisure - natural, nonchalant and sporty. Flavio Bolla's  concept art, his drawings of skylines, landscapes and natural phenomena all serve as template for the textile prints.

The work won't just decorate the established, leaving the known paths and reinvents itself on the body. Bringing healthy chaos and exciting irritation, it aks for the reason why Paddé's «system» differs from ours.


Prof. Priska Morger

, Studio Fashion Design

Katrin Kruse

, Studio Fashion Design