stay home



between living and working - furniture for Girsberger

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Two spheres that are merging more and more. The Master-Thesis «stay home» examines the intersections between living and working: two spheres that are increasingly merging, not least due to the consequences of the pandemic. How can a piece of furniture facilitate the atmospheric change between these two spheres?

The design of the "stay home" home office makes the coexistence of these two conditions visible and tangible and demonstrates the potential of design. The draft focuses equally on an ergonomic and healthy working posture and enables a pleasant atmospheric balance between working and living.

About Wanda

Wanda has a Fach­matur in Design and Art and a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from HGK Basel. She joined the Masterstudio to widen her horizon. Besides her study, she works in gas­tronomy.

Final thoughts:

I enjoyed the relaxed and independent atmosphere at the Masterstudio.


Prof. Werner Baumhakl, Nicole Schneider

, Studio Industrial Design

Prof. Dr. Ralf Trachte, Meret Ernst, Alfredo Häberli

, Studio Industrial Design