Stragely Elated




# #Master-Thesis

SE is the journey of Pascal of finding a scent for a perfume that puts focus on the experience rather than the product itself. An intent to encapsulate a scent in a vessel evoking a portable altar and telling a story of the past that needs to be polished to guide future travels.

It is an exploration of lineage and ancestral memory embracing and transcending his Swiss heritage as well as his Colombian. By collecting elements from different places throughout his travels he weaves the story of this new endeavor.

It is about listening closely to the elements in use and finding a way to caress the subconscious through breath and smell. It seeks to connect to the essence of things to enable a detailed travel in time and space. Bringing flashbacks of places one has not necessarily been to yet.

SE is focused on the experience, proposing new forms of relating to objects rather than the object itself. Today we are presented with a perfume as a way of finding a new canvas to paint on, but tomorrow there might be a completely different product.


Ralf Michel, Bettina Köhler, Johnny Graf