t-witch of the limbs



#StudioFashionDesign #Master-Thesis

t-witch of the limbs is a restless body, in constant vibrations, reflecting radical feminist currents that have carried over into the mainstream of our society. Order and tendencies of current feminist debates are being sensed and questioned. A paradoxical investigation that seeks to fathom a current status quo of feminism, which does not see supporting and questioning as contradicting one another.

This happens in a confrontation with feminism and its way of social mediation, which takes place on several medias (politics, social media, pop culture, film, series) simultaneously. It argues for a tolerance of ambivalence and a culture of criticism. In this context, two works are created in dialogue.

Giant corset is a sculpture that was temporarily installed in the Bucher Forest in Berlin. It formally refers to the feminist figuration of the witch and her ritual practices. While mimicking a place of worship, promises of a ritual practice are not getting fulfilled. The narration is about the absence of a giant body referred to its corsage, that forms an exaggerated gesture of submission and invites the viewer to decontextualize the patriarchal gaze that is surrounding sexual desires, fantasies and physical experiences.

Supernature is a text work in the format of a play (script) that is not staged in a conventional way. It speaks through different voices, perspectives and the formation of truth, as theoretical feminist positions are led back from observation into a lived reality.

In their interaction, both works create a wild game of crossing borders between pornography, images from the consumer world, body and gender issues.


Prof. Priska Morger, Wally Salner, Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler

, Studio Fashion Design