The Dramatized Space - Scenographic Narration In Set-design

Master-Workshop organized by Studio Scenography 8.11. - 12.11.2021

Good imagery always contains the before (past) and after (future) of the actual scene. The staging gives hints of the past as well as indicating an imaginable future. One picture can not only depict a capture of the moment but narrate a story embedded in an environment.

In this workshop the students explored Italo Cavino's Invisible Cities through scenographic sets and choreography of perception.

In his short stories, Italo Calvino describes sujets of – admittedly surrealistic – cities and their special citizens. He takes us on an explorative journey through cities visited by the famous explorer Marco Polo and reported to the emperor Kublai Khan. These reports are as unbelievable as they are inspiring. The curiosity transmitted through the descriptions is the curiosity which let the students throughout the workshop, translating these reports into spatial settings, capturing them through the critical eyes of the camera.