The Visible Invisible



Light, Shadow, Ice, Water

#StudioExperimentalDesign #Master-Thesis

The relationship between light and water in both their different aggregation states is the field of investigation of Tomas Ribas’ Master's Thesis. The main focus lies on the development of an analogue sensorial imaging procedure, to bring the subtleties of cyclic events that determine nature's modus operandi to the viewer’s attention.

«The Invisible Visible: Light, Shadow, Ice, Water»

The installation is as much a spatial environment, a time machine and an apparatus for projecting moving images. The images show the process of changing the state of aggregation of ice to water. The canvas and the light source remain stable while the projected image is changing - almost imperceptible, with the steady and rhythmic drops of melt water in the background. Tomas Ribas reveals subtly changing images that can be perceived as such only under increased attention. The mediated process creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that stimulates the sensory perception and invites the audience to reflect on the mechanisms in nature.


Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler

, Institute Integrative Design

Simon Husslein

, Atelier Simon Husslein